I'm very interested in computer graphics and visual modeling. Usability and transparency of the user interface plays an important role for me and I think a lot about how to make my programs more natural and easy to use. Read more here (in German)


DG dynamic geometry package

Visualizes and models 2D constructions with ruler and compass, allowing full interactivity to construct, change and measure the figures.

Libra - graphical syntax-driven source code editor

We are building a code editor, which isn't based on text, but allows to directly edit the program tree. The syntax tree is represented on screen as a hierarchy of rectangular blocks. With our editor, no parser is necessary, we allow user to construct the syntax tree based on the language grammar.

Polyhedron Explorer

Models 3D-Polyhedra. Rotates, scales, truncates, tesselates, dynamic scanning animation, constructs live spherical image etc.



Other projects


Scans all files and subfolders and ensures all filenames are no longer than n characters. Makes file names shorter automatically.


Disk Guide

Windows GUI file manager, with two panels ala *** Commander. Use on your own risk